The STA Universe Group furnace used for forging heating was the first industrial electric furnace, and its matter space was a concave slot filled with coal, and the atmosphere of combustion was fed into the lower part of the trough and the workpiece was heated in coal. This furnace thermal efficiency is very low, the heating quality is not good, and only small heating workpiece, future growth to use brick build by laying bricks or stones becomes half closed or fully closed chamber of a stove or furnace chamber furnace, can use coal, gas or oil as fuel, also can use electricity as a heat source, the artifacts in the chamber of a stove or furnace heating.

In order to facilitate the heating of large workpieces, the type of furnace which is suitable for heating steel ingots and large steel billets is presented, and the well type furnace is also used to heat the long rod. Since the 1920s, there have been various mechanical and automatic furnaces that can improve the productivity of industrial electric furnace and improve working conditions.

The layout of industrial electric furnace, heating process, temperature control and atmosphere of the furnace are directly affected by the city. In the forging heating furnace, the heating temperature of the metal can be raised, and the resistance of low deformation can be reduced, but the temperature can cause grain to grow, oxidize or overheat, and the tension will affect the quality of the workpiece. In the process of heat treatment penalty, if the steel is heated to a point above the critical temperature and then suddenly cooled, it can improve the hardness and strength of the steel. If the temperature is heated to a point after the critical temperature, the hardness of the steel can be lower and the toughness is improved.

Industrial electric furnace in order to get accurate size and appearance is bright and clean artifacts, probably in order to get out metal oxide to cover mould, eliminate machining allowance, such as purpose, can accept no less oxidation furnace. In the less oxidized heating furnace of open flame, the non-complete combustion of fuel is used to generate the reducing gas. Heating the workpiece can lower the oxidation loss rate to below 0.3%.