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1800 insulation alumina fiber board


l  Low heat conductivity

l  Long service life due to low shrinkage

l  Simple processing (homogeneous structure)

l  Density: up to 600kg/m3

l  Particularly low-dust quality for special applications

l  The standard sizes for the insulation boards are 900mm x 600mm. They are available in thicknesses 20, 25, 40, 50 and 100mm.

l  With 1800 ceramic fiber board, we produce complete furnace linings to size according to your wishes.

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STA Super Alumina Insulation Fiber Board is a high strength, low density, rigid refractory structure fabricated from alumina fibers and high purity inorganic binders. STA Super Alumina Fiber Board exhibits superior hot strength and dimensional stability at 1800°C and withstands intermittent use to 1750°C.


The homogeneous microstructure and consistent binder distribution allows this materials to be machined to tight exacting tolerances with ordinary shop tools and equipment. STA Super Alumina Fiber Board superior machine ability and dimensional stability plus low heat capacity makes it ideal for use as setters, supports and process fixtures in both continuous and batch firing furnaces.

High-temperature 1800 insulation polycrystalline mullite fiber boards for application temperatures up to 1800°C. 1800 ceramic fiber board insulates electrically heated industrial and laboratory furnaces up to an application temperature of 1800°C. Made of polycrystalline mullite / alumina wool, the parts are a high-quality alternative for insulations of alumina silicate wool, also known as ceramic fibre. Shot-free quality, minimal shrinkage and high form stability of our material ensure a long service life and make it particularly economically efficient. Optionally, a particularly low-dust quality can be delivered as well.

STA Super Alumina Fiber Board is pre-fired, contain no organic binders and will produce no smoke or odors when heated. It has excellent resistance to chemical attack and is not affected by oil or water. It is, however, affected by hydrofluoric acid, phosphorous acid and strong alkalis. 


Ceramic materials offers high temperature Ceramic Fiber Board produced through wet forming process of ceramic fiber and binders.  These ceramic fiber boards are featured with high temperature stability, low thermal conductivity, consistent density, and excellent resistance against thermal shock and chemical attack.  Ceramic fiber board from Ceramaterials also resists oxidation and reduction.  Ceramic fiber board are available in a variety of temperature ratings, densities, thicknesses, widths and lengths, and custom vacuum formed shapes. 


Applications for Ceramic Fiber Board


Insulating backup to brick & castable

Furnace hot face lining

Use in industrial heat process equipment

High temperature gasket & seals

Flue & chimney linings in furnace & kilns

Molten metal trough covers

Expansion joint Industrial heat shields & thermal barriers

Industrial combustion chamber construction

Infra red element supports

Board over blanket hot face lining

Full thickness refractory lining

High temperature boiler wall insulation

Pouring forms for castable